Where to find us
Our delicious desserts are available at Shropshire's finest festivals, events, restaurants, delis and farm shops. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest news
Unforgettable Flavours
Our catalogue of flavours are constantly evolving. Firm favourites include madagascan vanilla bean, salted caramel and scrumptious roasted strawberry. Our innovative flavours will transport your tastebuds to foodie heaven!
Quality Ingredients
We strive to source our ingredients as locally and ethically as possible, and only include the very best quality products. We love to use seasonal produce, and take great pride in supporting local farmers and producers.
Every single ingredient is picked with care and consideration, ensuring quality ice cream

We believe ice cream should be full of natural goodness. We don't take shortcuts when creating the finest desserts.

Contact Us
For further information on any of our products or service please email us at enquiries@shropshireicecream.co.uk or call us on 07580632130
A little goes a long way
After being homogenised and pasteurised, our ice cream is aged for 24 hours, which deepens the natural flavours and creates a creamy, smooth finish. High in butterfat and low in air, so a little goes a long way in taste.
All new Vegan range!
We have now launched a new Vegan range, using ethical ingredients. We have been developing the new recipe for some time - we hope you enjoy the results!
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