A taste of Shropshire

The Shropshire Ice Cream Company does not own a dairy farm nor does it have acres of fruit fields but this means that we can choose the best produce from a wide range of those who have, bringing Chickenthe best ingredients together for our fresh ice creams and sorbets.  With wonderful fresh milk and cream from home-bred Holstein Friesian cattle at Mawley Town Farm, Mawley-milk-logoeggs from free roaming chickens at Hollowdene Hens and fresh seasonal fruit from a range of wonderful Shropshire farms you will certainly be tasting the very best that Shropshire has to offer using traditional recipes with an occasional culinary surprise!

Products not available locally such as our high quality Madagascan Vanilla and Rich Belgian Chocolate are chosen with as much care to make sure that quality is not compromised.

We will never add hydrogenated vegetable fats, chemical additives, fatty acids, mono and di glycerides, stabilisers (locust bean gum, guar gum, sodium alginate, Polysorbate 80, carageenan) to our ice creams and sorbets. You will only taste honest, natural ingredients.