Out and about

Look out for “Daisy” our lovingly restored and converted vintage caravan during the summer Gemma and Tom Groupmonths when we visit some of Shropshire’s Food & Drink Festivals. Stop by and have a taste of our wonderful ice creams and sorbets and try a taste of the unusual! A full list of events can be found on our facebook page, or drop us an email at events@shropshireicecream.co.uk and we will send you a regular update of where we will be.

Daisy our vintage caravan or Hettie our vintage tricycle would make an excellent addition to your wedding, private party or corporate event.

hettieWhy not give your guests a surprise with your very own personalised flavoured ice cream, produced for you, by The Shropshire Ice Cream Company. We can create an ice cream for your special day reflecting a special memory which can be delivered to your venue in personalised tubs to serve yourself, or served by us our of our vintage caravan or tricycle. A great unique alternative and special end to a wonderful day.